Sale of DeFiScale tokens

On January 15th 2021 DeFiScale successfully closed the private sale of 50 000 000 DFC
tokens, each valued 0.01 USDT. The sale was closed within 24 hours after its launch, which
has exceeded our expectations. Along with the sale 100 000 000 DFCs has been allocated
among the project’s founders.
The DFCs’ sale coincided with massive increase of the cryptocurrencies’ prices in January,
rapid growth of new crypto users (up to 106 million in January 2021!), launch of PayPal
crypto operations, as well as general growth of popularity of cryptocurrencies among both
business, and public entities.
The purpose of the sale was to guarantee financing of the launch of DeFiScale platform, and
to broaden the investors’ base. It was also the first step on DeFiScale’s path to listing of DFC
in cryptocurrencies exchanges. Entering crypto exchanges is a necessary step to take, to
provide the token owners with an access to liquidity.
Before the scheduled listing DeFiScale plans one more tranche of private sale of DFCs.