PolyNetwork x DeFiScale AMA Recap

“Liquidity mining in financial betting and online casino”

Camila | Poly Network CM
Could you please briefly introduce yourselves and DeFiScale as well?

DeFiScale Team
Of course!
DeFiScale is an innovative venture pad, we have various projects in our portfolio, we invest in them
and help them launch and that’s how we invested and helped launch FinBet and Shadowbit.
Those are the first projects we brought to life.

FinBet is a crypto-based financial betting platform and ShadowBit is a crypto-based casino.
The native tokens are as follows:

DeFiScale – DFC
FinBet – CFB
ShadowBit – SBC

Those two projects just released their tokenomics and as there was a demand for such a service DeFiScale
started to provide liquidity mining.
Additionally , DeFiScale offers staking pools for users, staking with coins of projects in portfolio
as well as USDT, USDC and DAI.

Patryk is the Head of Blockchain and I (Meg) am the Head of Marketing at DeFiScale.
As stated earlier, DeFiScale is a venture pad- 2 of its projects (FinBet and ShadowBit) are now joining
our liquidity mining program. With their business side established, they’re now ready to grow
with liquidity mining. They will be promoting the utility of their tokens along with liquidity mining.

Camila | Poly Network CM
DeFiScale and its affiliated projects have been around for over a year. What made you decide to release
the tokens’ Tokenomics now?

DeFiScale Team
Thank you for this question. DeFiScale is, first and foremost, a venture pad and it was important for
us to fully develop our business plan and brand as the projects are the base for the tokens.
Other way around would mean just empty tokens without value behind it.
With solid projects to back up the tokens, we’re able to build the tokens simultaneously 💪

Additionally, our tokens had a series of private sales and lockups during this period.
However, we first wanted to show our products and then release our tokenomics.

Camila | Poly Network CM
Can you introduce the tokens in your project portfolio and tell us what’s so unique about each of them?

DeFiScale Team
📍SBC is ShadowBit’s native token that was created in a way to be deflationary, and that
is visible as the first burning sessions already happened
📍A percentage of ShadowBit’s (SBC) turnover goes into burning of SBC tokens
📍SBC tokens have utility features usable within the virtual casino.
📍CFB is a token of FinBet, it’s utility features are connected with users betting activity,
as percentage of each amount of users bet will be burnt, and that function is is to ensure
the deflation of the token

The uniqueness of our tokens comes from the symbiosis of the 3 projects (DeFiScale, FinBet,
and ShadowBit), all of the tokens are strictly related to each other, as CFB and SBC have
their liquidity mining program held on the DeFiScale platform. 

And our platform’s earnings come from DeFiScale servicing liquidity mining services to projects
who want it to be hosted on via platform, additionally DeFiScale’s earnings are coming
from holding the tokens of the projects that we helped launch (like ShadowBit or FinBet) 💰

Other unique features are:
– a percentage of DeFiScale’s earning are also burnt
– we have a set burning plan to assure the growth of token values
– we set a market cap, so by nature our smart contract  does not allow us mint more tokens
– we have lockups on portion of tokens as seen under the links:

Team Finance SBC

Team Finance CFB

Camila | Poly Network CM
How has the activities of each project supported growth of the coin?

DeFiScale Team
The core of token growth are business activities of each project, they allow us to implement
the basis of tokenomics ⚙️
Percentages of value of each FinBet bet value, as well as, white label sale are burnt 🔥
For ShadowBit a  percentage of earnings are burnt.  Recently ShadowBit burned
4000 USD worth tokens (132 594 SBC ) and will soon burn more 🔥

Rewards on DeFiScale platform are paid in DFC, a percentage of our turnover will also be burned,
additionally the platform is constantly benefiting from liquidity mining of SBC and CFB.
DFC is paid by FinBet and Shadowbit for each transaction on the platform thus pumping the project further 🚀 

Finally, our tokenomics’ liquidity mining features not only support our tokens but also benefits token holders.

Camila | Poly Network CM
Why did DeFiScale choose Poly Network among others for partnership?

DeFiScale Team
While picking a partner for important matters, like tokens and its service, trust is very important
and we want to work with a reputable entity.

We chose Poly Network for this partnership because of the wealth of experience you have in the crypto world.
The volume of transactions they supported is massive, one just has to trust in that experience!
15+ B of total trade value is a very impressive number, plus the amount of cross chain transactions
on Poly Network is mindblowing. It shows Polynetwork is trusted by many, including DeFiScale! 🤗
And of course, Poly Network is high speed low cost with high security, these are all qualities we value as DeFiScale.

Communication and cooperativeness of the Polynetwork team is amazing. Everyone is so helpful,
and never hesitate to explain and support us when we have queries. Additionally your team has
a great community that you work with really well, working with Polynetwork is not only using your services
and bridging the token, but somehow is becoming a part of that great community.

Camila | Poly Network CM
Any exciting plan for future developments?What shall users expect?

DeFiScale Team
Oh yes! Happy to talk about them. FinBet’s burning session will start soon. We currently have a lot of interest
in the white label product so % of the profit coming from that will also be burnt 🚒
The SBC burning sessions will be continued

There is one more big thing coming, which we actually didn’t share yet.
So Polynetwork community you are the first ones to hear that!

We plan on creating a NFT marketplace marketplace for ShadowBit,  1000 NFT avatars will be released
(some of them will be given away among the community, and rest will be sold for minting).
Follow them on Telegram and Twitter to be well informed when we are gonna share the NFTs with the community.
Those NFTs will bring its owners multiple benefits within the platform and not only!

🕊 Twitter

📱 Instagram 

💬 Telegram Group

Aside from that, on the market place there will be created NFTs dedicated to be exclusively utilised within
the ShadowBit casino – additional spins privileges etc.

🎰 Additionally, a series of NFT  collectibles will be released – including items, tables and machines for metaverse casino,
but about that we will share more, when we are closer to the actual release date 🔥

For more news about projects follow us here

And for FinBet:
🕊 Twitter

💬 Telegram Group

Quinn Ledbetter
Can you share with us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens?
Will there be a buy back system or token burning in the future?

DeFiScale Team
Hi sure You can read the full tokenomics under the links here

💎 FinBet Tokenomics

💎 ShadowBit Tokenomics

Both tokenomics have established some strong deflationary features that will assure the growth of their value over time.

Where can I currently buy Token?

DeFiScale Team
Hi thanks for asking! You can buy our tokens here:

🥞 CFB PancakeSwap

🥞 SBC PancakeSwap

🚀 DFC CoinDeal 

🪙 Hit BTC

KATYA Thurston
What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

DeFiScale Team
DeFiScale and its projects have an amazing team of blockchain passionates. Our team includes financial market experts,
with about 20 years of experience in asset management, digital entertainment experts as well as IT sector
and project management specialists. We are utilizing our background along with passion for blockchain industry
and project management to create this venture pad and help other projects to grow. Among others,
we have a great time in Polish cities Cracow and Warsaw. 

Thus we think our passion and vision in this field is what makes our team stand out😇

Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of a token in the short term instead of understanding
the real value and health of the project.
Could you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in the long term?

DeFiScale Team
SBC and CFB, as mentioned, are designed to be deflationary tokens so they will decrease over time and the value will grow.
DeFiScales growth and value is assured by the tokens in our portfolio. As CFB and SBC grow DFC will grow in time too,
which means the longer investors will stay in, the more they can profit.

DeFiScale Team
Can we quickly add some more info for our audiences today 🙂

Camila | Poly Network CM

DeFiScale Team
For all interested token holders we wanna give you a little sneak peek into our liquidity mining program at DeFiScale.
Early comers will be rewarded
because we have high APRs on our staking programs that will reduce quarterly.

Thanks that was great, soon we will look into your amazing discord and twitter questions 🍀

Camila | Poly Network CM
Also thank you Patryk and Meg for your time today. Brilliant to have you  here! Many thanks to all who participated!

DeFiScale Team
Great to be here! Thanks again 😍 Come to Telegram Group if u wanna chat some more.