Our token

Explore the benefits of our multi-purpose token! DFC is a token that grants you the possibility to participate in the success of DeFiScale and all the projects that we invest in. How? Its value grows along with the growth of the entire project.

DFC Tokens

Benefits from owning a DFC token:

Interest rates

Boosted rewards

Rewards in our staking offer for tokens are approximately 3% higher compared to other available assets on the DeFiScale platform.


Tokens will be granted as staking rewards. You can use these rewards to re-stake DFC and get boosted rewards.


DFC can be minted to the maximum number of 2100000000. Part of the profits of DeFiScale will be used to buy and burn DFC to slow down inflation and increase the scarcity of DFC tokens.

You can get DFC token from:

* An exchange platform such as CoinDeal or HitBTC.
Purchase one of the available assets e.g., BTC and then follow the steps to exchange BTC to DFC. You can then transfer your DFC tokens to your DeFiScale account.

* Your daily rewards and bonuses. All of them are added to your holdings in DFC.

Emission and valuation


Tokens will be granted as profit payouts or as rewards (no more than 10% of total emission).

DFC token
DFC tokens number is limited to 2 100 000 000. All profits of DeFiScale will be used to buy and burn DFC.

DFC – basic information

private sale

January 2021

Shareholders emission

50 000 000 DFC

Face value:

1 DFC = 0.01 USDT

Second private

February/March 2021

Shareholders emission

50 000 000 DFC

Sale value:

1 DFC = 0.02 USDT

of DFC

March 2021

Exchange listing

DFC debuted on CoinDeal on March 31. It’s now also available on HitBTC – one of the most popular and fastest growing crypto exchanges.