Stake and get your DFC!

Choose from our diversified offer from 1 USDT (or equivalent) and enjoy fixed daily rewards.

We offer overnight and long-term staking in the most popular stable coins and our tokens – DFC, and the tokens of all the projects included in our portfolio.
Accepted payment forms
You can transfer your holdings on our platform using the most popular coins – our system will count it to one of the available stable coins according to the current exchange rate.
Investment period
Choose from 1 to 12-month offer - the longer period of time you choose, the higher profit rate you get.
Stake starting from as little as 1 USDT, or equivalent, and enjoy fixed rewards paid out daily in DFC!

Gain up to 16% in DFC per year!

Stake an asset of your choice

DFC is our token that is used to pay your daily staking rewards.
You can simply re-stake your rewards at any time and get boosted rewards up to 16%.

Main Benefits

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Various offer with multiple coins available to stake starting from as liitle as 1 USDT or equivalent
Fixed income
Fixed rewards
Your offer will not change for the entire staking duration
Profit chart
Rewards in DFC
Get up to 16% DFC and earn on our success. The price of DFC is expected to rise along with the growth of our portfolio’s projects

Table of profits

* All rewards are paid in DFC token

The table above presents reward rates per year for one staking within the give offer.