Join Our Liquidity Mining Program with Amazing APR up to 55%!

Our users have two options for staking CFB and SBC : fixed or flexible.

The liquidity mining feature of CBF and SBC tokens will reward people staking them in pools.
Various staking programs with different rewards based on chosen variant and entry point will be available.
The rewards will decrease over time, so early stakes will be the most rewarding!

Fixed plan will feature a 3,6 or 12 month lockup. The APR will decrease quarterly, starting from 55%,
lowering to 35%, 15%, 7,5%, and after one year, the APR will stabilize at 3,5%.

  • Q1 APR 55% (0.15 daily)
  • Q2 APR 35% (0.09 daily)
  • Q3 APR 15% (0.04 daily)
  • Q4 APR 7,5% (0.02 daily)
  • Q5 APR 3,5% (0.009 daily)

The flexible staking option will feature no lockup, but it will have a lower APR available.
Starting from 20% and decreasing quarterly to 11%, 8%, 6% and after a year stabilizing at 2%.
This feature will remain, until all the destined supply for it ends up.

  • Q1 APR 20% (0.05 daily)
  • Q2 APR 11% (0.03 daily)
  • Q3  APR 8% (0.02 daily)
  • Q4 APR 6% (0.016 daily)
  • Q5  APR 2% (0.005 daily)


  • Each deposit opened within a certain quarter is eligible for corresponding APR% until the plan is finished,
    be it 3,6 or 12 months, 1 month staking plans are excluded from the promotion.
  • Assigned APRs will vary depending on the entry quarter.
  • Reward calculation starts at the very first day of the deposit.
  • Rewards are calculated daily
  • Sum of the calculated rewards will be assigned to the user’s account at the end of each quarter to the users balance
  • Rewards are assigned with token of the initial deposit and are additional to the regular DeFiScale staking plan rewards
  • APR% mentioned above represents annual capitalization
  • Offer is eligible to use since the day of releasing the liquidity mining (Friday, February 18th, 2022)

For other principles of the program’s general operation and staking details – DeFiScale terms and conditions apply.