Our investment pool

Transparency and security are our trademarks

We choose only the most trusted and successful business projects on the gambling and finances markets. With our experience and technology, we know how to provide security and the finest benefits for you and our investments. We publish information and updates about the portfolio projects. You will always know where we get our profits from and how our token grows. Every investment we make is fully transparent for our investors and staking clients – all transactions are visible in Etherscan for you to check.

How do we build our investment portfolio?



A good investment portfolio needs diversification made by professionals, which means not only diversity of projects but also diverse characteristics of each project that we invest in.
Business projects

Business projects

More than 80% of our pool is allocated in assets connected with live blockchain projects that bring money on the daily basis. We have firsthand working knowledge of these projects. We know the ins and outs of the industries they work in. It is key in ensuring their profitability in the long run.


One of the most crucial criteria for selecting assets in our pool is their liquidity. A thorough analysis precedes each investment decision in this respect.


To maximize the profitability, we chose the optimal mix of long-term real projects investments, liquidity ensuring coins and other blockchain-based assets such as altcoins.

We build your trust

Established projects
We invest in real projects with trusted business models, ready to enter the crypto industry. We choose them based on years of experience and technology development. Entering crypto-business builds their value and makes those projects more open.
Investment portfolio
We build our investment portfolio step by step. We start from one of the most lucrative markets globally – gambling – and then move to the financial industry. Statistics reflect the massive growth of both of these sectors – gambling is expected to reach size of nearly 9 billion dollars by 2026, while the value of financial industry already exceeded 20 billion dollars.
Transparent data
We want to give you the best picture of how we work and what we do.To provide you with full transparency, we do our best to publish detailed information about the projects that create our portfolio, and we will actively inform you of any new projects we aim to invest in.
Get to know our portfolio

Gaming projects

With over 4 years on the market, more than 500 affiliates, and an enormous base of users the company aims to launch a blockchain brand aiming to reach global clients with the same values which made this EU-licensed brand successful and profit from the same networks and brand recognition. Along with multiple offshore licenses (ex. Seychelles), the ShadowBit brand is set to succeed among more and more strict regulated FIAT casinos.

The success of ShadowBit.com puts the company in a very good position to negotiate with leading software and games providers which will allow spearheading the blockchain casino market.

An experienced team working on this project is now ready to launch a brand new venture – which is a massive asset in this field that allows running the operation cost-efficiently from day 1.
Financial betting is the easiest possible way of entering financial markets as a player. FinBet is a set of services involving simple bets on real assets, including cryptocurrencies - the user tries to predict if the price of a chosen asset will go up or down towards another asset in a given period of time.

Setting this in the industry of cryptocurrencies opens the project up to a global clientele. Combining the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies with the vast experience of the company in advertising and operating gambling, and financial projects, as well as its proprietary software platform constitutes a powerful tool to make massive profits instantly.

FinBet has developed its own innovative technology, which makes its website and mobile app well adapted to the current needs of customers all over the world. It offers simple up or down bets in multiple of various assets, not only in crypto but also FIAT currencies, stocks, or even mineral resources. It is an amazing connection between casino entertainment and betting on real assets, ready to gain an enormous number of customers.
Having built a number of online lottery systems, the company aims to offer such a brand to the blockchain community.

With the own entire platform built enabling to create RNG lotteries, betting on lotteries and proprietary lottery games (including instant draws), and expertise to cover all background processes (insurance of the prize, etc.), this operation is about to be opened in the global scale.
Based on sports betting experience in the African licensed companies and taking into account the fact that the most popular gambling market online is sports betting, using blockchain technology the company has a great opportunity to launch a global sport betting brand.

With players - base in all other verticals of gaming, this is a perfect synergy to complete our portfolio

Get to know our

Financial projects

Coming soon


This product allows for real-time analysis of thousands of tokens using pre-defined indicators and strategies (technical analysis) to provide trading signals and alerts for the investors.


Based on an in-depth analysis of the trader’s preferences, accepted risk level, and investment possibilities, this tool automatically creates a tailor made portfolio for the trader.


Decentralized crypto exchange including all the cutting edge tools available on the market (algorithmic strategies, margin trading, short trading, etc.).


Fully automated algorithmic Blockchain-based Forex platform. strategies trading for investors.


Blockchain-based Forex platform.
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How do we trust in our investments?

Highest returns


The projects we invest in work within the most lucrative markets worldwide for several years. Our forecasts stem from hard data, not only from predictions.
Transparent investments


Every investment that we made is fully transparent for our investors – all transactions are visible in Etherscan.
Separate projects

Well-planned strategy

This is our investment strategy, though you can still invest in every single project separately.