FinBet shares their token CFB’s Tokenomics

The financial betting platform from our portfolio, FinBet, recently shared the tokenomics behind
their native token, “CFB,” and all the reasons that make it highly deflationary in nature.
Created along with the project in Q3 of 2021, the token gets more valuable as FinBet grows.

CFB’s deflationary features make it more valuable over time, which is illustrated through its burning features
(available to read here ). The burning plan will conclude once 50% of the tokens remain.

The liquidity mining program provides CFB holders with staking plans that have impressive returns.
The fixed staking pool with a 3 to 12-month lockup, starting with 55% APR, is a perfect match
for those looking for high returns. There is also an option to stake in a pool without
the lockup the flexible pool offers a starting APR of 20%.