FinBet among crypto community – AMA highlights, part 2

The end of August and September was a very busy time for FinBet – the team participated in 7 AMA sessions that gathered thousands of crypto community members. In the previous article, we presented highlights of the first 3 of them, and here are the remaining 4.

Crypto Blasters, 7.09.2021

@ICONIC Boss | Cʀʏᴘᴛo

Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform?

FinBet Team

When it comes to our expansion plans, we would like to provide our service around the world. That’s why in the future we will definitely want to provide more language options on our platform. We currently have a dedicated Telegram Community group run primarily in English, but soon community managers will also be recruited to communicate in the native language.

We aim to keep our platform exciting by constantly updating assets to bet on and responding to community needs.

Additionally, individuals and businesses are welcome to join FinBet’s affiliate partnership program which we’re currently working on. Thanks to the affiliate’s hard work, we will be able to reach a wider range of potential users. The Program is open to everyone, so if you are interested in joining, please contact our Affiliate Manager at

Aside from that, we have a clear marketing schedule set, filled with AMAS, ontests, bonuses, and community development activities to keep users engaged and interested.

@ICONIC Boss | Cʀʏᴘᴛo

FinBet is a Financial Betting platform, which only bets on changes in asset value. How does FINBET handle regulation to really take off as most jurisdictions/countries restrict betting? Which companies do you partner with to ensure that you obtain a license?

FinBet Team

Most importantly,  we are the only crypto-based Financial Betting platform working on the licence.

We are regulated by gambling commissions of Uganda, Nigeria, and Seychelles, so our activities are monitored by Regulators.

This just proves that we are trustworthy and legitimate as we are monitored by Regulators. We are regulated in the markets that we choose to work with.

Our team is among the few projects that have been dealing with compliance matters for many years, and this is neither something new nor unexpected for us 😇

@ICONIC Boss | Cʀʏᴘᴛo

As a result, FinBet encourages responsible gambling. The platform is not accessible to anyone under the age of 18. However, minor users can easily bypass the requirements and create +18 accounts, thus will FinBet have a KYC procedure to verify users’ age and gaming data?  @mishiha12

FinBet Team

Before joining the platform, users need to state that they are 18+.

We do not perform KYC checks on our players.

We entrust this check to all the parties where users may purchase crypto used for deposit. And all of them have similar policies and much stronger means of verifying users.

BlockElite, 9.09.2021


Maintaining projects and long-term development are important for the project. How do you accomplish that goal and what is your business model? How can users, investors, and your project become a win-win?

FinBet Team

Our team’s vast experience backed by a betting license helps build our model, which is characterized by

📍building a platform in a new and promising market (financial betting)

📍easy and simplistic betting with an intuitive platform

📍profitable fixed-odds betting model

How is FinBet a win-win for all parties involved, you ask?

The business is supported by its native token CFB, whose sales finance the project. Growth of the token makes business growth, and vice versa, the growth of the business increases tokens’ market price.

FinBet aims to constantly update its content and range of assets as per community feedback!  Because we’re happy when our community is happy 🤗🤗


Could you tell us which user base is FinBet’ main target? Do you focus only on big Investors or small retail Investors also can be a big role in your project?

FinBet Team

🗣FinBet’s main target group is people who are dissatisfied with the bureaucracy of financial institutions.

🗣This includes people who find the financial markets too complicated.

🗣People seeking stay-in entertainment in the crypto world with payouts and no strings attached.

FinBet is for everyone! From all financial backgrounds and with all kinds of resources! Remember, the minimum deposit on FinBet is $1! Even betting newbies can enjoy it, and if they want to boost their winning chances, they are welcome to follow our Betting Opportunities shared on our social media channels.

BlockTalkz, 17.09.2021

@Comrɑde | BlockTɑlks

Can you list down which games do you support now for betting?

FinBet Team

FinBet is one certain game (financial betting), and one certain platform created for the purpose of using that game. We don’t plan to introduce other games.

We keep the platform entertaining by having multiple assets available to bet on.

Such as: crypto, forex, commodities, indices and stocks.

@Comrɑde | BlockTɑlks

On your website, I saw that Finger allows its users to place 60-second bets with instant automatic payouts, even though, how can users evaluate the reliability of every bet placed in this particular period of time? Is there a way to verify the course of the bet during 60 seconds?

FinBet Team

Yes. View personalization allows you to follow up to 4 bets at the same moment on your computer screen.

While betting, the live chart shows you the current state of the bet, how much time is left, and also showing if you are currently winning or not. Basically, just follow the line, and if it’s green, that means profit is coming.

After the bet is finished, you can easily check its outcome in the closed trades section.


⚡️ FinBet is a financial betting platform based on cryptocurrency. What’s the difference between trading and financial betting?

FinBet Team

Financial betting is wagering on the value of a certain asset. Therefore, since there are no real trades within that would require liquidity. You just bet on the outcome and winnings are always paid out in the currency of your deposit. Please don’t forget that FinBet is not a trading platform.

La Casa de Crypto, 20.09.2021

@La Casa de Crypto 

Let’s start with an introduction! Can you please introduce FinBet to La Casa de Crypto community?

FinBet Team


FinBet is a Financial Betting platform, which is simply betting on changes of the assets values. Think of it as you would in sports betting.

Imagine betting on a football game- You would try to predict which of the two teams would win, same goes for FinBet. You have two assets paired against each other and you bet if their values will rise or fall.

@La Casa de Crypto

That’s true! To be honest, I also thought this at first sight!

FinBet Team

The platform is intuitive, easy to use and user-friendly and allows placing a bet with just a few clicks. Basically, you pick an asset, timeframe and bet. If you predicted correctly, it’s an easy win. It’s fun and light entertainment that allows you to enjoy the financial markets  🙌

@La Casa de Crypto


The next question is about the team of FinBet? Can you give some information about the team members of FinBet and their experience in blockchain?

FinBet Team

We are a team of financial market experts,  with about 20 years of experience in forex business, asset management, institutional trading and digital entertainment, gambling, experts, also with over 10 years of experience and previously involved with online casinos, betting houses and other gaming companies.

This unique combination of characters and their different work experiences are the reason FinBet is what it is now –  a unique and new type of financial betting platform. We wanted to create a platform that would be able to combine the best of finance, gambling, and crypto markets👍🏽👏

When founding FinBet, our experts wanted to build on the limitations they noticed in their industries and combine forces to create a unique crypto-based betting platform that follows updated financial and blockchain standards.

@La Casa de Crypto

Privacy for users and for the team which should be a must for that kind of a project! That sounds logical! Here it comes one of the main questions. What makes FinBet different than the others? In which ways is FinBet unique?

FinBet Team

The first merit of FinBet is our platform clear, transparent, easy-to-use, and approachable to everyone. Among its numerous features, it is worth mentioning:

💎easy registration with an email address.

💎multichain – possibility to make deposits and withdraw rewards in the most popular coins – BTC, LTC, BTC Cash, ETH, USDT, BUSD or BNB

💎automatic payouts immediately after a bet is closed;

💎tools for advanced players: interactive charts, indicators

FinBet also provides its customers with:

📍broad betting offer on multiple assets;

📍timeframes even from 15 seconds;

📍transactions secured by serviced blockchains.

What we focus on a lot is customer and community care. That is why we have a proactive attitude and encourage our community to ask questions. We always try to keep them engaged and have something prepared to support their betting activity. Currently, we have a 100% bonus running and we are doubling the first deposit for every user.

@La Casa de Crypto

These features sound quite cool! FinBet will definitely show it’s uniqueness to the audience with these features! I already know many members are curious about the Welcome Bonus!

It sounds quite interesting that the transactions will be secured by the supported chains. How will this feature work? Will you pay back the transaction fee if it fails or will you provide a certain transaction even after it fails?

FinBet Team

For withdrawals above 500 USD or equivalent, we cover gas fees for the user!  Additionally, you can transfer funds to FinBet via Ethereum and BSC 🙂 The token itself is based on a smart contract, but the transactions on the platform itself are simple bets and – due to cost efficiency reasons – they are not secured by a separate smart contract.  Users are sure that when they win, we will 100% honor the bet and pay out the winnings.

@Mina Crypto

How can I become an affiliate in FinBet? What are the merits of becoming one?

FinBet Team

Great timing! We’re launching our Affiliate Program really soon!!!❤️

 if you are interested in joining, please contact our Affiliate Manager at or via telegram @FinbetAffiliate 


📍All affiliates get a starting offer of 30% in revenue share.

📍Register for the affiliate program, advertise finbet and get users to join the platform, start earning as your clients make bets!

📍Being an Affiliate for FinBet is super profitable as it generates long-term and frequent income