Frequently Asked Questions

DeFiScale is a Venture Pad. Our primary goal is to build a professional and transparent portfolio.
We pick and invest only in trusted and secure business-validated projects with an established position on the market. To provide the best security, at least 80% or our staking portfolio is allocated in assets related to live blockchain projects. You can find all the projects that are included in our portfolio here.
DeFiScale offers you staking selected coins with daily rewards added to your account in DFC tokens. DFC grows alongside the development of our projects, which you can find in our portfolio here.
After you move your holdings into DeFiScale account and choose an asset, you will receive applicable rewards to the amount and duration of stake you choose. You can stake the chosen in stable coins (USDT, DAI, USDC) and our token (DFC).
Our platform is constantly growing, and you can expect us to add new coins and tokens. First of all, we will extend our offer by adding the tokens of our portfolio projects to the staking offer.
Check full offer here.
Flex is our offer for the users who transferred their holdings to the DeFiScale platform but didnot decide to choose any of the staking offers. Running a deposit in one of the available coins without staking also brings you certain daily rewards – this is Flex. Though these rewards are much lower than those offered for staking – see the details here.
Yes. You will receive daily rewards according to the Flex offer.
No. Staking offer once chosen binds both you and us, and your coins cannot be paid out.
We made the staking process quick and easy for you.
1) Sing up to our website using your e-mail address or connect your existing crypto-wallet.
2) Move your cryptocurrency holdings into your DeFiScale account to start staking.
3) You can now set the amount and duration of your stake at one of the available assets.
If you have an existing crypto-wallet, you can join us without using an email address.
We do not require a KYC verification.
Yes, our system automatically converts other currencies to USDT, DAI or USDC at the current exchange rate, depending on the main currency you choose on your panel.
DFC is our token, which gives its owner a possibility to take part in the success of DeFiScale and all the projects we have invested in, thanks to the token value increase on the crypto exchange where it’s listed.
You can benefit from the DFC value growth. Staking in DFC gives youa higher percentage of rewards than other currencies available on our website. Ownership of DFC grants you various benefits in the projects DeFiScale stakes in e.g., bonuses are discounts.
All staking bonuses are rewarded and add to your account in DFC token. You can also use a an exchange such as CoinDeal or HitBTC to purchase one of the available assets and then follow the steps to exchange BTC to DFC.
Starting with a minimum stake of 100 USDT, you can receive up to 25% per year in rewards calculated based on the amount and the duration of your stakes. The higher amount for the longer duration you choose, the higher percentage of daily rewards you willget. Check the current offer here.
We add all your rewards and bonuses to your account in DFC. This is our way of mining our token, but it limited its number to 2 100 000 000. What’s equally important, it is DFC that gives you an opportunity to benefit from the growth of the projects in our portfolio.
Yes. You can get additional bonuses simply by sharing you Affiliate Register Link with your friends. You will receive 20% stake share for each and one your invited friends every time they stake. To give you even more you will also get a one-time Instant Bonus up to 20%for the first stake each of your referrals will make. You can check our affiliate program here: here
Once you register your account on our website you can copy and share you affiliate register link. Easy as that!
If you cannot log in, make sure you used the correct email address and password. If you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on Reset Password and follow the steps shown on the screen.
If you still can’t log in, your account may have been temporarily blocked, and you will have to contact us via email