DFC at Daku – AMA highlights

We are proud to announce that yesterday, we were guests of Daku Robinhooders at their AMA session.

Daku is a vibrant crypto community with thousands of members. During this session, we had an opportunity to bring our project closer to the community as well as answer some questions from the audience. We received a few hundred questions during the AMA, so we could not answer all of them. We will, however, provide some of them along with answers in our social media in the coming weeks. Also feel invited to our next AMA with the Satoshi Community on May 13, details on our SMs soon.

For those who did not have a chance to attend DeFiScale Daku AMA on May 6, we have prepared a few highlights below.

Naman, Daku Host [06.05.21 16:14]
Can you tell us all more about the project, the idea, how it started?and specially why it’s needed or how is it disrupting?

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:15]
We have observed the crypto industry for quite some time. At the same time, over the years of our activities in gambling and financial businesses we were observing growing restrictiveness of regulations including KYC and AML which eliminated millions of clients globally from using these services.

This created the idea of bringing our services to the crypto world. And the diversity of these projects, brought us the idea of developing a DeFi platform that would invest in and launch such projects.

DefiScale is an innovative project because it combines the expertise of our team in online gambling and financial projects (Forex, casino, betting, currency exchange) with years of practice in the crypto industry. Merging these two perspectives created a fundament for positioning DeFiScale as a Venture Pad, a new DeFi category.

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:16]
Basically, DeFiScale profits from the businesses it invests in – like a venture capital. We invest in early stage projects that are covered by our area of expertise, which gives us a lot of profit potential, yet retaining stability.
At the beginning, we focus on building our projects portfolio in gambling and financial services. This gives us a chance to bring real, proven business ideas to the crypto world and work with an experienced team on this. Our current and target portfolio composition is meant to give us and token holders more immunity from any possible, many people think, inevitable, crypto market price fluctuations, mainly those downward bound.

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:18]
I believe apart from the above, there is no easy answer to the breakdown of the question that you proposed – especially because we do not create just another DeFi platform, we create a totally new gambling and financial services environment that is made by experts and brought into crypto world

Naman, [06.05.21 16:19]
Can you throw some light on your existing project portfolio that you guys have been building and if possible any new future possible deals if possible?

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:22]
So basically, we aim to build the portfolio starting with gambling and financial projects that we currently have in line. But the projects are brought into crypto from scratch (using our teams and expertise obviously). This is why, we have 2 projects that are already launching and that raised funds: FinBet (financial betting platform) and ShadowBit (online crypto casino)

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:22]
The next projects are coming month after month and we aim to launch several new projects this year and continue with at least 1 project joining our portfolio quarterly.

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:23]
Just after we get listed with FinBet and ShadowBit, we aim to announce next projects and what I can tell that they will be both in gambling and financial industry

Naman, [06.05.21 16:24]
Can you tell about your competitors and your SWOT analysis for your offerings if yes?

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:27]
As DeFiScale we are the initiator of Venture Pad so others will follow, if they want. For FinBet, we have the only existing financial betting licenses, so there is not much competition to discuss. With ShadowBit we are applying state-of-the -art technology, vast affiliate network to acquire clients globally and absorb all the clients that have left the online casino business because of more and more oppressive regulation.

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:29]
Then again with DeFiScale, we enter a diverse, vibrant market of DeFi platforms where we offer something new – maybe not that attractive APR as our competitors, but with a clear business model. With our gambling projects – we enter a market where there is not much competition in crypto, a lot of customers leaving traditional online platforms due to the regulations and our many years long experience in this field.

Naman, [06.05.21 16:31]
Who all your advisors and backers? and can you tell bit more about team members]

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:33]
As said before, as a project we are more involved on the business side of things rather than technology itself, so we do not work with traditional crypto advisors. Our team is European, and among key members we have:

1. Financial market experts with over 10 years of experience – leading brokerage houses, exchange and payment services, asset management firms and similar
2. Gambling and entertainment experts – previously involved with online casinos, betting houses and other gaming companies.

The team’s structure and collective knowledge is tailored to benefit from Venture Pad structure and to lead the first portfolio projects of DeFiScale. Essentially, the novelty that we bring to the table is massive financial and gambling industry knowledge into crypto based venture capital focusing on seed projects.

Naman, [06.05.21 16:42]
Last question before we open for community questions
what are next 100 days plan
– tech wise
– business development wise
– user acquisition wise

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:45]
Tech wise:
We aim to add a number of tokens available for staking – starting with USDC and DAI coming very soon.

Business development wise:
Launching FinBet, a financial bidding platform
Development of Shadowbit, a crypto Casino using Softswiss (tech leader for crypto casinos) technology

User acquisition wise:
We focus on growing our community and getting our customers to know about the project and the ideas and projects behind it – starting with this AMA. Then, we focus on starting up the other projects and connecting users between them (active users can expect something special)

Vinh FAPTV, [06.05.21 16:47]
I would like to know if you’ve completed any security audits? Perhaps by third-parties? We’ve seen dozens of hacks, exploits and stuff like that this year, What measures have been taken to protect DFC community from it?

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:49]
DFC token has been audited by Certic with a 93 score. Security of the platform is tested on an ongoing basis by external IT contractors, other than our IT developers.

INVEST ❥M̥ͦḀͦS̥ͦE̥ͦW̥ͦ, [06.05.21 16:47]
Regulation is very important. Projects are closed in many countries for failing to use proper regulations and permits. To be worldwide; how do you handle this problem?

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:54]
As DeFiScale, we do not see many regulatory restrictions. As for our portfolio projects, you are absolutely right that there are a lot of restrictions, but there are a lot of countries and a lot of people that will be allowed to use our services and there will be our focus.

Amina Peter, [06.05.21 16:47]
Your pool offer 25% APR, can you tell me why should I join your pool when there is another projects ready to offer higher APR than yours? What are the benefits I will miss if fail to join your platform?

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 16:59]
You are correct, there are now a lot of projects with more attractive APR. Our main advantage is that we are very open on how we are making our profit to pay out the staking rewards and our plan for this is not speculation, but real business. And real business that is useful to people (or precisely: to people’s entertainment), which makes us immune to any fluctuations on the crypto market. People that use online casinos and will be attracted to ShadowBit, will continue to use it regardless of the price of BTC.

So we now offer up to 25%, which may seem not that much, but in several years we will offer the same and we will be here.

i love BLACKPINK, [06.05.21 16:47]
In the current market there are much platforms/projects which are widely used so what are your plans for its more adoption- which attracts users eye? currently , What are the problems does DFC is facing ?

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 17:01]
DFC is a business model that is very similar to what people know from non-crypto economy. It goes a bit further and it enters the crypto world. Yet, actually, most of our first investors never owned crypto before. What is more – now people want to invest in crypto, but do not know how. DeFiScale is a solution – bringing the entire portfolio of crypto projects to the investors.

Call Me MEW MEW (҂`_´), [06.05.21 16:47]
What are the highlights of your project and products that you believe will help you succeed? How revenue is generated to sustain the project, and what plans do you have to attract more users in the future?

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 17:03]
What helps us succeed is precisely how the revenue is generated. We are very open about this and we have very strong business foundations for this. This is why, with revenue generated from profits of our portfolio projects, we will succeed in the long run.

Adelaide Nall, [06.05.21 16:47]
I believe that DFC is really Great and has very big Potential to Thrive in the future. Can you please Tell me how I can do Investment with DFC? Do you have any ICO or maybe presale now?

DeFiScale_Team, [06.05.21 17:07]
Our presale is over, but we are present at HitBTC (DFC/USDT and DFC/BTC) and CoinDeal (DFC/USDT) . You can purchase DFC there – and you can also see there that DFC price has gone way up since the beginning and the growth is quite stable.

The other way is to use our platform for staking and you receive DFC as rewards.