DeFiScale at Satoshi Club – AMA highlights

We are proud to announce that yesterday, we were guests of Satoshi at their AMA session.

Satoshi is a 60 K+ crypto community. Penetrating questions from the moderators and guests – that is the gist of a good AMA. Such as the one yesterday. We got to know our observers and followers better, I hope they got to know us better too. Transparency matters. Thank you, Satoshi Club

Mary | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 17:10]
How old is DFC?

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 17:12]
We started the project in July 2020. It took us a few months to open up with our platform, but we have started then. If you take our portfolio into account, however, our business and experience dates back to the 90-ties 😉

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 17:15]
What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from DFC?

DeFiScal Team, [13.05.21 17:18]
Well, it is a long list 😉

In the near future, our first portfolio project will be launching commercially this month. It is a financial betting platform holding the only gambling license for such activity. We are working hard with industry leading platform providers to start a crypto online casino in the coming months.

From DeFiScale itself, we shall open up for new staking stable coins shortly and we are looking into other blockchains. I mean, other than ERC20.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 17:19]
thanks for the answer! one more standard question and I suggest to proceed to the questions from community🚀😉

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 17:19]
In the longer run – new projects from our list (you can find it here: ) as well as adding more project to this list

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 17:19]
Also we would like to know about your team. Who is on the project team?

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 17:24]
Our team is European and among key members we have:

  1. Financial markets experts with around 20 years experience in Forex businesses, asset management, institutional trading etc. They come from leading brokerage houses, exchange and payment services, etc.
  2. Gambling and entertainment experts – also with over 10 years of experience and previously involved with online casinos, betting houses and other gaming companies.

The team’s structure and our “collective knowledge” is tailored to benefit from our business idea and to lead our first portfolio projects (such as FinBet or ShadowBit).

Essentially the innovation that we bring here is our expertise in financial and gambling markets that is used in crypto based venture capital focusing on seed projects.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 17:27]
Q1 from Telegram User @ngonguyenkhang

What are the highlights of your project and products that you believe will help you succeed? How revenue is generated to sustain the project, and what plans do you have to attract more users in the future?

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 17:31]
In short, as I have written before, we operate similarly to venture capital firms. We invest in early stage crypto projects that focus on real business. And what will help us succeed is that we are very open about what we invest in and how we earn profits to reward your staking.

This means that getting involved with us and having DFC as a token is similar to being among founders of a series of new tokens. Tokens that are based on real business.

We pick the portfolio carefully, so that we ensure the profitability of our portfolio projects – and therefore profitability of DeFiScale.

Profits from DeFiScale are planned to be used to buy back and burn DFC – creating our own demand for tokens. And this demand originates from real profits. So in the long run the plan to bring more users is based on being profitable – plain and simple.

Mary | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 17:32]
[In reply to DeFiScale Team]

You told that you pick your portfolio carefully, can you explain the process? As i understand you will choose for your investments not only old and well-known projects, but also new😀

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 17:36]
So essentially, the first projects are picked based on non-crypto proven projects. But all of them are start-ups. From our vast portfolio of gambling and financial projects, we have picked some that meet our criteria:

  • probable very high profitability
  • our expertise in the field
  • he advantage that we get from getting these projects into crypto world

This is why we start with gambling projects now – more and more strict regulations and payment providers troubles give the players even more incentive to join crypto platforms. And we have picked 2 special gems as the first projects that we launch

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 17:44]
Q3 from Telegram user @Jonahapagu

Defiscale claims to provide the highest profit rate in the market, yet has a fixed return for it’s users with an APR of 25%. It is no longer news that alot of projects offer returns that are higher than this, this only means that your claim may not be valid, so apart from the fixed returns user’s get on your platform, what other forms of profit will they get for investing in your platform that makes your claim of being the provider of the highest profit rate in the market valid. Apart from investing the deposits of users, what other ways will Defiscale generate profit for it’s users that they can’t do on their own..

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 17:46]
You are correct. There are now a lot of projects with more attractive APR. At this moment. Our main advantage is that our profits – and your APR – is a result of real business. And what we offer is based on real business calculations. So short term, other projects may offer higher APR, but we are here to stay for good. And even if you are not convinced now, you will be able to see in time.

Mary | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 17:47]
What are your plans for bear market? As you understand it will come one day

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 17:47]
do not forget that as reward of staking you receive DFC, that is related to profits of the business (we use the profits to buy DFC and burn)

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 17:50]
The advantage of our project is that nothing changes for us in the bear market. Look at it this way:

  1. a significant part of our portfolio is and will be gambling projects.
  2. people turn to crypto gambling because of regulations and PSP troubles with non-crypto online gambling
  3. during the bull market now more and more people join crypto and this way learn how to become our customers
  4. for people that just want to enjoy slots or financial betting it does not matter if BTC is at 50k, 60k or 10k. They just want to use it for deposit and play. And this is what we offer and this is how we want to profit

Mary | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 18:03]
And now you’re focusing only on gambling projects?

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 18:05]
The first projects that we launched are FinBet (financial betting platform) and ShadowBit (crypto online casino). So currently – yes, we focus on gambling. But among next projects that we announce launch dates there will be financial projects as well. And there will be a few that aim to launch this year.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club, [13.05.21 18:15]
Want to share your roadmap by the way?

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 18:18]
Well, I have shared what I could. We will announce more shortly, but just to highlight the most important nearest events:

  1. Launch of FinBet – still in May, so within 2 weeks
  2. Launch of ShadowBit – within 2-3 months. The platform is being configured for us as we speak

We have our internal timeline, but we work a bit more agile to speed things up, so we announce our progress weekly for everyone registered with our platform or people that join our Telegram group

Belkys Gonzalez, [13.05.21 18:24]
📝Hi @defiscale_team!

You define the DFC token as a multipurpose token, so can you explain what are the main utilities of this token, apart from using it to reward users? And I read that the supply of DFC is limited to 2 100 000 000 tokens, so can you explain how is it distributed and how do you regulate the mining?

Defiscale team, [13.05.21 18.25]
We aim the token to be used to reward for staking, but we also buy back the token to utilize our profits. As well, there will be a series of bonuses in our portfolio projects for having or using DFC (every project will announce it separately and they will not be the same among projects). And we will announce the governance model for our token holders shortly. So it is multipurpose.

As to distribution – the basics you can find here . As for minting – new tokens appear as a result of staking. They are minted according to the market value of DFC. If the cap is reached, then the rewards will be paid out in stable coins.

hydra, [13.05.21 18:24]
I was researching your sources of income to generate profits for users and I found that DeFiScale invests only in reliable and safe projects operating for several years, with a real business behind and with an established position in the market. But haven’t you thought about investing in the stock market? Many projects like you use these types of markets to generate income, do you plan to enter this market in the future?

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 18:30]
Ok, I will share something that is not on our website – one of the projects that is going to show up on our portfolio list is an investment fund (a real, licensed investment fund) that is going to invest in the stock market or automated trading on crypto etc. But this will be one of our portfolio projects.

To make a successful venture, you need some kind of investment strategy. And ours is to pick up crypto startups within our areas of expertise that have a lot of potential 😉

V!c➕or, [13.05.21 18:25]
How will DFC be impactful in the long-range, what barriers will it eliminate?

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 18:38]
Well, we are essentially the first blockchain venture. We wish that we are only the beginning of really introducing new crypto projects in an easy way also to people that are not very experienced in picking new projects for investment themselves. And actually in the first sale of tokens we got a lot of investors that bought crypto for the first time in their lives

Borax, [13.05.21 18:25]
Are there any plans on your end for margin, lending or yield farming in the future?

DeFiScale Team, [13.05.21 18:48]
DeFiScale will remain Venture Pad. But we aim to launch a series of financial projects down the line, and what I can tell you now is that margin trading will appear within 12 months.