DeFiScale at Lovers Club – AMA highlights

Hello DeFiScale token holders, stakers, affiliates  and observers, 


We’re continuing to expand our community with AMA  events. We had great attendance and feedback during our previous AMAs  with Daku and Satoshi Club members. Very, very many questions, many of them incisive 😉  help us understand the expectations of  the blockchain community.  There were sceptics. We like them because they force improvement. Trolls? Some;)   No wonder then that we organized another AMA, this time with the Lovers Club crypto community.  And again, a big crowd, great questions. Here are the highlights. 


Andrian Phyl, [20.05.21 16:13]

Can you introduce DEFI SCALE, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?


DEFISCALE, [20.05.21 16:16]

Our mission is not to solve technical problems in the blockchain industry, but to introduce a model that has solid business fundamentals. In our case, it is applying the expertise of our team and partners to establish a strong market presence of DefiScale portfolio projects – crypto gambling and financial services. So the problem, in my opinion, inherent in the blockchain industry,  that we are solving is defining a clear path from establishing a project to its monetization. Especially monetization, via growing capitalization,  for our token holders.  

And of course, as this model is quite clear to people that come from financial markets, but not necessarily familiar with blockchain, so we solve the problem of bringing new people to the blockchain community.


Andrian Phyl, [20.05.21 16:23]

Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?


DEFISCALE, [20.05.21 16:25]

Our approach to partnership is based on the strategy of DeFiScale as a Venture Pad. We initiate new projects with persons and entities that have a proven record of developing and managing successful gambling and financial projects in online and  brick&mortar environments. Then we jointly develop and implement the model in DeFI. Such was the sequence for FinBet, ShadowBit (launches coming soon) and such it is for new financial projects creating bridges between FIAT and crypto. Details coming soon. 

In terms of partnerships with the blockchain community, we are taking it slowly as defiscale, but rest assured that our portfolio projects will not all have the same approach. 


Clay Jhansan, [20.05.21 16:38]

If anybody thinks your project really likes a scam project, and they can’t trust this project. How do you make them believe in your project?


DEFISCALE, [20.05.21 16:44]

We will just go on with our business. First of all, it is not just one project. It is a project that invests in other projects. Out of these projects, many will be regulated, so you will be able to see the licenses that allow these projects to operate. And then, you will be able to see that they are earning profits and paying them back to their investors – DeFiScale among others.

And, since  our projects have closed initial token sales, we do not depend on new money flowing in to survive. 

So, there are a number of reasons why we are NOT a scam. But the most important ones are time and profits. And you will see us here in years to come and you will see our profits year after year  


him omer, [20.05.21 16:38]

  1. Not every crypto user understands technical issues well enough. Has Your project prepared any informative material that could facilitate the use of inexperienced users?


DEFISCALE, [20.05.21 16:56]

This is why our project focuses on the business side of things. And frankly, we have a lot of investors in the initial stage that purchased DFC as the first crypto in their lives so in this area we are doing quite well. 

Apart from this, we are working on preparing even more educational materials for the clients. And we aim to focus on such people – people that would like to enter the crypto market but are not very tech savvy. I respect all the projects that focus on the technical side, but please remember that crypto is an environment that can be used for business, not only for developing crypto. This is where we are. 

And in fact, we are working on a project that will bring crypto even closer to the non-crypto world. 


Zulfikar, [20.05.21 16:37]

DeFiScale is similar to a venture capital company, enabling users to become the early founders of the project. How do you choose the project you want to create or invest in? Will it be limited to gambling forever? If the investment fails or fails, is there a plan for users?


DEFISCALE, [20.05.21 16:51]

[In reply to Zulfikar]

There are a few major criteria that we use to pick the projects. First of all – the potential. Please remember that even the best picked startup project (not just in crypto, anywhere in the economy) can lose all of investors money. So this is what we risk as the investors. But if it has potential to be global and earn 1000 times that much – then it is worth the risk. 

The other thing that we look at is the experience and dedication of the team of such a project and our own expertise to guide this project as a Venture Pad.

Lastly, we look at the benefit of such projects being in crypto. 


The last criterion is the reason that we have picked gambling and financial markets as the first markets that we invest in. This does not mean that it will be limited to it forever. But this limitation stands until we have a firm profit base for further expansion. 


Regarding potential failure of one of the projects – we do all we can to pick the gems of the market. As any seasoned venture capitalist, we are, however, aware that there will not be 100% success. This is why we build a portfolio of projects with massive potential. And even with 25% APR, the portfolio on average will profit much higher.