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Instant commision
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Passive income
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Two ways of earning

Instant commision


Up to 20% of instant income

Get commission instantly each time your referred friend makes a fixed deposit.

Daily profits


Share profits from the deposit

Receive 20% of your referred friend’s income. Every day.

How to become an affiliate?

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Set up an
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Invite and start earning
Invite and start earning!

No KYC, no data verification, no initial requirements.
Just log in and start inviting – simple as that.

Our commission


Instant payments

You will get the commission automatically when your invitee makes a fixed deposit.

Up to 20% of quick income!

You receive a commission every time your referred friend makes a fixed deposit. The percentage depends on the amount and length of the deposit.

Each sale counts!

You get a commission for each deposit sold, not for each customer – each new deposit bought by the same friend (or prolongation) means new payment for you!

Commision table

* the commission is paid in DFC token and is counted from the deposit value.

Passive income

As a DeFiScale affiliate you receive more than just one-off commission – you enjoy regular daily passive income for at least one month. How? By sharing the profits from the sold deposit with your friend.

In our affiliate program, whenever your invitee earns, your receive 20% of his or her profits

Passive income

Be our affiliate and grow big!

No limits

Invite as many people as you want. We have no limits of invitees – invite as many as you can and get a commission for each deposit!

Each deposit sold or prolonged

Instant commission for each deposit made or prolonged.

20% daily profit share

Additional passive income – 20% of daily profit share for at least 1 month!

How can we help?

As our affiliate, you can count on our help with managing your marketing.
We offer you a set of useful tools that may help you to gain
more and more customers and develop your business.

Affiliates links

A feature thanks to which you can generate links guiding to any website and include your username to this website’s cookies. You may use it, for example, for your own business website, in order to guide your customers directly from this website to our registration form with your username already typed.

Tracking codes

A feature thanks to which you can track your users and see the performance of your advertising campaigns.

Marketing materials

Various templates, banners, social media posters, or presentations for your customers.