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Best profits

Highest interest on the market! Choose your product from overnight flexible investments up to 12-month fixed income.

DeFiScale token

Generated by smart contract to ensure security and listed on multiple exchanges to give you even more profit when the price rises. Use DFC to earn even higher interest, profit from our entire portfolio, and get additional special rewards.
Investment Pool

Our investment pool

We use our pool to invest in real business projects, we pick them carefully to build a professional, transparent investment portfolio.
Fixed APR
Fixed APR

Our offer enables you to earn significant profits like with an investment fund, but we offer fixed returns – like a bank deposit.

Smart contract
Controlled by smart contract
The entire DeFiScale pool is secured by a smart contract. This makes it a safe way of keeping your tokens at work.
DeFiScale is a decentralized staking platform. Just sign in and profit anonymously.
Coins accepted
Multiple coins accepted
Deposit in any coin you wish. We accept payments and process payouts in a vast number of cryptocurrencies.
Overnights deposits
Overnights deposits
Your funds automatically generate interest with our Flex offer without you doing anything.

Choose your pool


min. 100 USDT
Invest in:




APR for 12 month investment.
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min. 1000 USDT
Invest in:




APR for 12 month investment.
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Invite your friend to earn with Defiscale.
Get a commision and profit share.


Instant commission

Earn an instant commission up to 20% for your friend’s investment. The commission is calculated in DFC against the amount of the deposit.
Grow big

Grow big!

Invite as many people as you want and boost your profits
Passive income

Make passive income

Earn profit share on friend’s fixed deposits. You gain 20% calculated on the basis of your friend’s profit and paid to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer our customers participation in the diversified pool of profits, allocated in assets related to blockchain projects operating in the most lucrative industries – the gambling and finances. Ourinvestors make deposits available in two assets – USDT and DFC. In exchange we offer fixed interest for the entire deposit time.
Our clients stake their assets by making deposits in USDT or DFC and they get fixed rewards for a defined period of time. We invest our pool in trusted gaming and financial projects. All the rewards are paid out to our clients on a daily basis.
DeFiScale invests only in trusted and secure projects operational for several years, with a real business behind them and with an established position in the market. In order to provide security,at least 80% of our investment portfolio is allocated in assets related to live blockchain projects that bring money on a daily basis.
Aiming at the highest profits we started building our portfolio with projects engaged in two of the most lucrative industries worldwide – gambling and finances. All the projects included in our portfolio are presented on our website.
Investing with DeFiScale is easy, There are only three steps to take:
1) First of all, you should join us on our website – you can register with your e-mail address or simply connect your crypto-wallet.
2) After registering you can transfer your funds in the preferred currency - our system automatically converts them to USDT at the current exchange rate.
3) Now you can invest in the deposit of your choosing - you can pick one out of our diversified offer of USDT and DFC deposits
No. You can join us by connecting your crypto-wallet as well.
Yes, you can transfer your funds also in other currencies. Once you transfer the funds, our system will automatically convert them to USDT at the current exchange rate.
DFC is our token, which grants its owner a possibility to participate in the success of DeFiScale and all the projects we have invested in thanks to the token price increase on the crypto exchange where it is listed. Moreover, ownership of DFC grants various benefits, for example bonuses are discounts in the projects that DeFiScale invests in.
You can earn on the DFC value growth. Besides, ownership of DFC grants a number of exclusive opportunities:
- staking funds in our deposits gives higher interest rate than USDT deposits
- DFC holders can enjoy various bonuses in the projects DeFiScale invests in (the details are published on an ongoing basis on websites of these project.
DFC tokens are issued in two ways:
- sale to shareholders;
- all staked funds and affiliate profits are paid out in DFC (at the current market value at the time of payout).
You can get DFC by buying it on cryptocurrency exchanges or by earning profits on your deposits with DeFiScale
All deposits bring investors a fixed income, which is calculated and added daily for the given period of time, depending on the duration of the deposit. The profits are paid out only in DFC.
The lowest APR that we offer is 10% for a one-month USDT deposit – this is when you invest from 100 to 1000 USDT. The highest APRs are offered in DFC deposits – up to 25% APR for a 12 month investment of DFC worth more than 5000 USDT. You can see our entire offer here:
Example – let’s assume you invested 1200 USDT in a 12-months deposit. That gives you 21% APR which means that you earn over 250 USDT in one year.
All our deposits bring profits in DFC, including USDT deposits. This is because paying out profits in DFC is the way of mining our token, but its number is limited to 2 100 000 000.
What’s equally important – profits in DFC are kind of a reward, since DFC deposits yield higher profits. DFC earnings are easy to reinvest.
Yes. Each deposit from our offer can be renewed for the next period.
Yes. You can earn additional profits simply by inviting your friends to join us. Every deposit whichyour friend invests in brings you an instant commission! See the details of our affiliate program here:
There are only two steps to become an affiliate of DeFiScale:
- Register on our website
- Start inviting!
In our affiliate program, you can invite as many people as you want – every investment made by your invitee brings you an instant commission and long term profit share.
There are two ways of earning as our affiliate:
- instant commission: you receive instantly a percentage of your invitee’s fixed deposit instantly every time your friend makes a fixed deposit. The percentage depends on the amount invested and duration of the fixed deposit – see here for details. Your commission is calculated against the value of the deposit as an addition, not subtracted from it
- profit share – each time your friend receives the profit from his/her deposit (i.e. every day) we reward you with 20% calculated against the profit that your friend receives
See the details of our affiliate program here:
There may be a few reasons why you cannot log in. Follow the tips on the login screen which assist you in identifying the problem. Make sure that the spelling of your username and password are correct.
The other reason that you may have issues with access to your account is that your account could be temporarily blocked.
For more information or technical support, you can contact us via e-mail: